Scribes Report – 21 September 2020

This is the Scribes Scibblings from for the meeting on Monday September 21, 2020.
The theme was: Peace.

The roles were filled as follows:

President: Sarah Smith
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rob Partridge
Toastmaster: Sarah Smith
Topicsmaster: Thérèse Kinahan
Ah-Counter: Victoria Staunton
Grammarian: Donal Lernihan
Timekeeper: Rob Partridge
Creative Corner: Chris Collins
General Evaluator: Fiona Mitchell

The Word of the Day given to us by Donal Lernihan was Serenity.


Speaker one was Carmel Turley with a speech titled We Are Here To Exhalt. They were evaluated by Chris evaluated Carmel’s speech and discussed how it “hooked me in”. He referenced phrases that Carmel used and mentioned that Carmel had shown she had really learned from the experience and her thought processing journey.
Beth evaluated Martin and mentioned they were both “Toastmaster Evangelists”. Her evaluation showed the speech had really resonated with her.
Donal evaluated Rob and outlined why he liked the real examples Rob gave of how and why he adjusts his communication style.
The three evaluations were very positive and gave good challenges and advice for the speakers in future speeches..
Speaker two was Martin Foran with a speech titled Peace of Mind. They were evaluated by Beth Davis-Reinhold.
Speaker three was Rob Partridge with a speech titled My Style Changes More Than My Underwear. They were evaluated by Donal Lernihan.

Speech Report

Carmel gave a very thought provoking speech. She talked about what happens when the left side of the brain is used and discussed how it is important to never do anything out of fear or anger. Carmel gave us a great insight into how she set up a plan and had thought of all eventualities. However, she also showed us it is important to adapt and change that plan or indeed set that plan aside if circumstances change.
Martin’s speech started with a quote which was a fitting way to start his speech. He mentioned how it is important to be “captain of my own ship”. Martin gave us some examples of how he has done this previously and would like to do so in future endeavours with Toastmasters. It was an inspiring speech.
Rob captured our interest by a great title. He discussed communication styles and gave examples of all the different ways he communicates. These styles depend on who he is communicating with, what his role is, the organisation he is involved with and whether it is in a personal or professional capacity.

Officers Reports

The word of the evening was “Serenity” given to us by the grammarian Donal which tied in nicely with the theme of the meeting- Peace. Donal gave us an account of some lovely phrases used along with details of who used the word of the evening during the meeting.
The topics session also kept to the theme of the meeting. Thérèse got everyone involved and ensured it ran smoothly. She had interesting topics ranging from what peace advocates we admire to what makes us feel at peace. On World Peace Day, it was thought provoking to consider how peace might be achieved.

Creative Corner

Chris provided the Creative Corner for the evening. Chris often entertains us with a story -the photos along with the stories of “When Peace Broke Out” ended the evening perfectly. They were interesting and positive stories and the photos added to that.

General Thoughts

It was a really interesting meeting. The theme of the evening really echoed throughout, from the topics session to the word of the day to the creative corner section.
The three interesting and varied speeches kept us all engaged and the evaluations picked up on that.
I look forward to the next meeting.

This Scribes Scribblings was written by Fiona Mitchell and submitted on September, 25, 2020