Scribes Report – 14th February 2022

This is the Scribes Scibblings from Rob Partridge for the meeting on Monday February 14, 2022.
The theme was Love.

The roles were filled as follows:

President: Carmel Turley
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rob Partridge
Toastmaster: Martin Foran
Topicsmaster: Marcello Deidda
Ah-Counter: Rob Partridge
Grammarian: Francesca Stratta
Timekeeper: Chris Collins
Creative Corner: Carmel Turley
General Evaluator: Rob Partridge

The Word of the Day given to us by Francesca Stratta was Lovebirds.


Speaker one was Sarah Smith with a speech titled What Keeps Me Up At Night. They were evaluated by Beth Davis-Reinhold

Speaker two was Mary Kilbane with a speech titled Connecting WIth Love. They were evaluated by Christina Hession.

Speech Report

Both speeches were informative and entertaining and perfectly matched the theme of the night, which is a wonderful acheivement.

Evaluation Report

The evaluations were good both with some great feedback and some positive steps to move forward. It was clear both evaluators paid attention to thier speaker and the resutling evaluation was very encouraging.

Officers Reports

Fracesca gave a great report on the word of the day – Lovebirds – and mentioned some key prhases she’d picked up on.

Creative Corner

An excellent delivery poem from Carmel who also gave us the background to the poem and bit about the author.

General Thoughts

Great meeting all round. Excellent topics from Marcello and report from Francesca.

This Scribes Scribblings was written by Rob Partridge and submitted on February, 20, 2022