The club is managed by a volunteer committee comprising of eight different roles. Each role is vital to the club and ensures the clubs success. They are made up for members of the club. Any member in good standing is eligible to stand for election and the nominations committee, convened in the second half of the season, will look for eligible people to take on the roles.

Club President
The Club President is the highest-ranking officer in the Executive Committee and the chair of the Executive Committee as well.

The president presides over club and executive committee meetings, taking charge of proceedings.

Vice President of Education (VPE)
The VPE is the second ranking officer and perhaps the one who takes the most burden of work in a Toastmasters meeting.

They coordinate the schedule for each club meeting and monitor the progress of members. They assign and recruit mentors and submit club awards.

With the committee they plan the club contests and can often be called on to help plan area and division contests.

Vice President Membership (VPM)
The VPM is responsible for ensuring that the club has a healthy strength of members which is a culmination of retaining existing members and adding new ones. Often working closely with the VPPR the create and plan membership building events and meet and greet new members when they attend meetings.

Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)
The VPPR promotes the club in all forms, from old and new media to the various social media platforms. Writing press releases and encouraging attendance.

The secretary is the custodian of the club who keeps all club records and club files and maintains the minutes of the meeting of every meeting. He/She is expected to maintain the updated member rooster, ensure that the supplies needed are ordered and delivered. This includes things like PR and guest kits, awards and trophies for contests etc.

The treasurer is the custodian of all the funds that the club possess and no expense can be incurred without their knowledge. He prepares and oversees the club budget and manages the club’s account.

They collects dues and pays bills and purchases club promo materials for the rest of the members. Along with the VP Membership, the treasurer ensures that all member renewals happen on time.

The Sergeant at Arms is the one who is in charge of the physical possessions of the club like lecterns, pamphlets, posters etc.

Their job is to ensure that the meeting room is set up before the meeting commences and is reconfigured to its original state post the meeting.

Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past President is the official guide or mentor to the Executive Committee. He doesn’t necessarily attend all committee meetings but should always be around should they need any guidance.