Loughrea Toastmasters has become renowned for its “Creative Corner,” – a space in the agenda to give the General Evaluator time to gather their thoughts before giving their report.

Since chartering members taught us line dancing and sign language, we’ve heard about how to give a cat medication and how to choose the best acts to see at the arts festival, and we’ve been entertained by poetry and singing.

At our meeting on April 1st 2019 Sarah Smith gave some of the members numbers then, during her Creative Corner that night, challenged each of us to come with the next line of a poem.  She started us off with “Loughrea Toastmasters, oh I do love so…” and so the poem evolved.

Loughrea Toastmasters oh I do love it so,
Because I come in the door to joy and relaxation,
Avoiding eye contact to the Topicsmaster,
That’s the way it goes, then the speeches begin.
Happy helpful smiling folk, oh I do love them so,
A nice cuppa and a chocolate bourbon cream,
Followed by evaluations, constructive criticism, never cruel,
The VPE fills the roles so easily because everyone is so willing.
And Ruby Wax is so creative,
And most of the members are Loughrea native,
I cannot wait for the ice to break, and for confidence and esteem to begin,
And so the gavel sounds, the time falls,
Oh Loughrea Toastmasters, oh I do love it so.