Toastmaster use many abbreviations and acronyms and you may hear some during the meeting. Bellow are some of the common abbreviations you might hear.

AC Advanced Communicator

ACB Advanced Communicator Bronze

ACG Advanced Communicator Gold 

ACS Advanced Communicator Silver

AD Area Director

AHC Ah Counter

AL Advanced Leader

ALB Advanced Leader Bronze

ALS Advanced Leader Silver

AS Accredited Speaker

ASP Accredited Speaker Program

ATM Advanced Toastmaster or Able Toastmaster

ATM-B Advanced Toastmaster Bronze

ATM-G Advanced Toastmaster Gold

ATM-S Advanced Toastmaster Silver 

CC Competent Communicator

CJ Chief Judge

CGD Club Growth Director

CL Competent Leader

CTM Competent Toastmaster

DCP Distinguished Club Program

DECM District Executive Committee Meeting

DD District Director

DivD Division Director

DPR District Performance Report

DTM Distinguished Toastmaster

DC District Council

FTH Free Toast Host

GE General Evaluator

Gram. Grammarian

HPL High Performance Leadership

ID International Director

IP International President

IPDD Immediate Past District Director

IPID Immediate Past International Director

IPIP Immediate Past International President

LDREXC Leadership Excellence Educational 

OATM Outstanding Achievement Toastmaster Award

PDD Past District Director

PDG Past District Governor

PID Past International Director

PIP Past International President

Pres President

PQD Program Quality Director

PRM Public Relations Manager

PWCPS Past World Champion of Public Speaking

RA Region Advisor

SAA Sergeant at Arms 

Sec Secretary

TI Toastmasters International Aka WHQ.

TLI Toastmasters Leadership Institute

TM Toastmaster

Treas. Treasurer

Trio Top three District officers (DD, PQD and CGD.)

TT Table Topics

TTM Table Topics Master

TTS Table Topics Speaker

VPE Vice President Education

VPM Vice President Membership

VPPR Vice President Public Relations

WCPS World Champion of Public Speaking 

WHQ World Headquarters Of Toastmasters International.

WOD Word of the Day