I started Loughrea Toastmasters Club to share the benefits I had gained through Toastmasters with people in my local area. I have been lucky enough to be inspired, enthralled and entertained by Toastmasters from all walks of life. I used the opportunities that I was given to work on my public speaking skills and learned many leadership skills along the way too. Best of all I didn’t need to have any experience to get started – I was fully supported by fellow members who wanted me to succeed and helped me to do so. It has greatly increased my confidence and willingness to speak up in any situation. Most especially I thought that if I can benefit from these experiences, I really want to share them with others.

Loughrea Toastmasters started as a dream with an empty room and no members and has grown to be a club full of passion, excitement, laughter and learning with members who support each other during our fortnightly meetings and beyond. I have seen the growth and change that participation, even in a short while, can bring and I’m looking forward to seeing the club help many others find their voice in the years ahead.

Martin Foran