Scribes Report – 7 September 2020

This is the Scribes Scibblings from Donal Lernihan for the meeting on Monday September 7, 2020.
The theme was Back to school.

The roles were filled as follows:

President: Sarah Smith
Sergeant-at-Arms/Zoom Master: Rob Partridge
Toastmaster: Rob Partridge
Topicsmaster: Beth Davis-Reinhold
Ah-Counter: Victoria Staunton
Grammarian: Fiona Mitchell
Timekeeper: Chris Collins
Creative Corner: Victoria Staunton
General Evaluator: Donal Lernihan

The Word of the Day given to us by Fiona was Collaborate.


Speaker one was Sarah Smith with a speech titled “Who wants to be promoted.” They were evaluated by Rob Partridge.
Speaker two was Thérèse Kinahan with a speech titled “Humour has it.” They were evaluated by Martin Foran.

Speech Report
Sarah’s speech was an informative speech with a great opening quote; ‘Failure we can do alone, Success always takes help’. Ingredients to a successful promotion are; ability in your current role, potential for promotion and personal attributes. One key closing message was to keep track of your successes as they add up and finally you own your career.
Thérèse’s speech was full of humour. Dinner was set for 7.30 and got delayed to 9.30 and next thing the Pyrex dish gets smashed due to handling with a damp cloth. Ended up with a pizza from a take away around midnight!

Officers Reports

The ah counter reported use of ah/IM’s 33 times in total. Rob and Beth both had zero which was excellent continuing on their good form. The grammarian reported 9 uses of the word of the day and did a great job reporting key phrases throughout the meeting and how they added to the message.
Topics session had great QS suitable for anyone to chime in e.g your ideal job, best job you ever had, languages etc

Creative Corner

Victoria delivered a superb creative corner with a singalong to Wonderland. This was a fully in sync and a first for Loughra TM I believe. Really enjoyable and watch this space.

General Thoughts

Excellent meeting, loads of energy and a great learning experience. Everyone at ease and all participants brought their best to the meeting. Looking forward to the next meeting in two weeks time.

This Scribes Scribblings was written by Donal Lernihan and submitted on September, 7, 2020