Aside from special events, such as contest, each meeting follows the same format, as does the process for creating each meeting.

8 to 12 weeks prior to the meeting

  • The website admin creates the meeting on website with all appropriate roles.

4 to 6 weeks prior to the meeting

  • The VPPR creates the Facebook event.

2 to 3 weeks before the meeting

  • The VPE begins filling the roles for the meeting. 

1 week before the meeting

  • The VPE puts a final call out for meeting roles to be filled.

5 days before the meeting

  • The VPE emails out the agenda to all members and any visiting guest.
  • The President contacts the assigned Toastmaster
  • The Toastmaster contacts the General Evaluator, Topicsmaster and all speakers.
  • The General Evaluator contacts the evaluators, Ah-Counter, Grammarian, Time Keeper and Creative Corner.
  • Each Evaluator contacts their assigned speaker.

2 days before the meeting

  • The evaluators contact their assigned speakers again.

1 hour before the meeting (7.00pm)

  • The Sergeant-at-Arms and any assistants arrive to set up the room.

30 minutes before the meeting (7.30pm)

  • Doors open to members and guests.
  • Toastmaster of the evening arrives.

15 minutes before the meeting (7.45pm)

  • All meeting officers and speakers should arrive. Should anyone not be there the Toastmaster should liaise with the VPE and members present to find people to fill the roles.


  • The Sergeant-at-Arms closes the door
  • The President opens the meeting.

8.00pm to 9.00pm (approx.)

  • The President welcomes members and guest and hands over the to Toastmaster.
  • The Toastmaster introduces all meeting roles and then hands over to the Topcismasters.
  • Topicsmaster leads the Tableptopics session the hands back to the Toastmaster.
  • The Toastmaster introduced each speaker, who each take it turn to give their prepared speech.
  • The Toastmaster announces the break and length of time.

9.00pm to 9.15pm (approx.)

  • Refreshment Break

9.15pm to 10.00pm

  • The Toastmaster welcomes everyone back and invites the General Evaluator up to host the Evaluation section of the meeting.
  • The General Evaluator introduces each Evaluator, who each take it in turn to give their evaluation.
  • The General Evaluator introduces the Ah-Counter and Grammarian and asks then to give their report.
  • The General Evaluator introduces the Creative Corner who gives their presentation.
  • The General Evaluator gives their report and then hands control of the meeting back to the Toastmaster
  • The Toastmaster invites the VPE up to look for roles for future meetings.
  • The Toastmasters hands control of the meeting to the President.
  • The President makes any closing remarks and closes the meeting.

After the meeting

  • The Sergeant-at-Arms packs up the equipment and closes the room.
  • We all go to the pub!