This is the Scribes Report for the meeting on 2023-02-13.

This report was written by Beth Davis-Reinhold on 2023-02-13.


The officers for the night were as follows

President: Rob Partridge
Toastmaster: Gwen Frazer
General Evaluator: Beth Davis-Reinhold
Topicsmaster: Mary Kilbane
Sergeant at Arms: Marcello Deidda
Zoom Master: Marcello Deidda
Grammarian: Carmel Turley
Ah Counter: Marcello Deidda
Timekeeper: Martin Foran
Creative Corner: Sarah Smith

The theme for the meeting was: Love

The word of the night, chosen by Carmel Turley, our Grammarian, was Querulous


Our Topicsmaster for the night was Mary Kilbane.

My thoughts on the topics session
The Table Topics questions were well chosen: a little challenging, but not too much, and all on the meeting theme. Mary always does a great job with this!

Prepared Speeches

Speaker One

The first speaker was Rob Partridge.
The title of their speech was “Moments of Truth.”
It was from the Dynamic Leadership Pathway.
The were evaluated by Sarah Smith.
The were allowed a time of 20 minutes.
They used 24 minutes.
My thoughts on the speech
Excellent speech! It was a lot longer than expected, but all of it was needed. Rob did a great deal of work ahead of time to gather the information.

Speaker Two

The first speaker was Chris Collins.
The title of their speech was “.”
It was from the Dynamic Leadership Pathway.
The were evaluated by James Linnane.
The were allowed a time of 7 minutes.
The used  7:29
My thoughts on the speech
Excellent speech on how life imitates Toastmasters! Chris talked about how all the leadership skills Chris has learned in Toastmasters have become useful with his team at work.


Evaluator One

The evaluator was Sarah Smith
Did they announce the pathway? Yes
Did the read the purposes of the speech? Yes

My thoughts the evaluation
Sarah was very well prepared; she had spoken with Rob about his speech, and read the results of the survey on which his speech was based. She gave him detailed, actionable praise and suggestions.

Evaluator Two

The evaluator was James Linnane
Did they announce the pathway? Yes
Did the read the purposes of the speech? Yes

My thoughts the evaluation
James mentioned Chris’ goals for his speech. He talked about the difficulty of giving a motivational or inspirational speech that actually motivates or inspires. James used direct quotes from Chris’ speech in his evaluation.

Officers Report


Carmel chose a good word: querulous. It’s unfamiliar, but usable, now that she has reminded us of it. (I have NEVER known Carmel to be querulous at all.)

Ah Counter

Marcello gave a very complete count of our ahs, ers, and other crutch words.

Creative Corner

Great session by Sarah Smith. Very innovative.

General Thoughts/Comments

Did the meeting start on time? Yes
Was a printed agenda available? Yes
Were any changes announce? Yes
Did the Sergeant at Arms greet people warmly? Yes
Were guests invited to speak? No Guests

My thoughts on Gwen Frazer who was the Toastmaster for the night.
Gwen did a great job as Toastmaster of the Day. She was well prepared, and kept the meeting moving along on time (as much as humanly possible.)


I think we’ll find the feedback forms very useful. I’d like to see us try voting for Best Speaker/Evaluator/Table Topics, at least to try it out.
Sound quality on Zoom continues to be a problem. Can the microphone be placed closer to the lectern? Can the speakers stand closer to the microphone? Can everybody make a point to project their voices?

This Scribes report was written by me, Beth Davis-Reinhold, about the meeting of Loughrea Toastmasters, on 2023-02-13 and was submitted on 2023-02-13.

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  1. Really thorough Scribes report Beth. Great night overall. I agree with your recommendations. In addition I would like to see more Topical Topics as suggested by James.

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