Moments of Truth – A Report

The members of Loughrea Toastmasters were asked to complete a “Moments of Truth” survey about our club.

Moments of Truth

As a club, we want every new and prospective member’s initial interaction with the club to be a positive one. These decisive times when initial impressions are formed are known as Moments of Truth. The Moments of Truth is a guide to delivering quality service and outstanding member experiences.

Moments of Truth is a tool that enables sustained club quality through guided evaluation and targeted recommendations. A high-quality club encourages and celebrates member achievement, provides a supportive and fun environment, and offers a professionally organised meeting with variety. In those clubs, officers are trained in all aspects of club quality to ensure that members have access to a formal mentoring program, are provided with evaluations that help them grow, and are motivated to achieve their goals.

When clubs successfully exemplify the Moments of Truth, members are ensured a safe, supportive environment in which to achieve their goals.

First Contact

When anyone comes in contact with any aspect of the Loughrea club, the person forms an impression based on their experience at that particular time. We must remain cognisant of these crucial, decisive times and ensure that every experience with Loughrea Toastmasters is a positive one.

There are six critical moments of truth in which clubs have an opportunity to create positive impressions.

The six critical Toastmasters moments of truth are:

  • First Impressions
  • Membership Orientation
  • Fellowship, Variety, and Communication
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organisation
  • Membership Strength
  • Achievement Recognition

Using those standards for each moment of truth we can offer quality service for each contact point.

A survey was sent to all members in good standing to determine how we’re doing as a club, and to see where we can improve. The results also show what we’re doing well.

Under each topic the member was given five options.

  • We never meet this standard
  • We rarely meet this standard
  • We sometimes meet this standard
  • We usually meet this standard
  • We always meet this standard

All nineteen members of the club were sent the survey.


The results make for inserting reading and shows we’re doing well in many aspects but there is room for improvement. This is invaluable feedback and will help shape the future of our club and guarantee continued success for our members.

You can read the results here: [Download not found]