East Galway Speakers Relocates to Comworks

East Galway Speakers is set to begin a new chapter as it relocates from the Loughrea Family Resource Centre to Comworks on Station Road. The decision to move was not taken lightly and followed a formal motion presented to the members by Rob Partridge DTM. After a thorough discussion and a subsequent vote, the motion passed, marking the start of an exciting new partnership with Comworks.

During the same meeting, another significant motion was presented concerning the entrance fee. The proposal suggested an increase from €5 to €7 to accommodate rising costs. Before this motion could be voted on, Martin Foran DTM, incoming President for the 2024/2025 season, proposed an amendment that introduced a new payment structure. This structure allowed members to continue paying the existing fee, thus balancing financial sustainability with affordability for the members. The amendment was put to a vote and successfully passed.

While the club are enthusiastic about the opportunities and fresh start at Comworks, they also feel a sense of nostalgia as they leave the Loughrea Family Resource Centre. “Over the past few years, the Centre has been more than just a venue; it has been a home for our meetings and activities, providing a warm and supportive environment,” said Sarah Smith, outgoing President. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude,” she continued, “to the Loughrea Family Resource Centre for their exceptional hospitality and accommodation.”

The support the club received has been instrumental in the growth and success of the East Galway Speakers, and they will cherish the memories and milestones achieved within their walls.

As they look forward to our future at Comworks, they remain grateful for the past and are excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead.