Scribes Scribblings, Annual General Meeting, 22nd April, 2024

By Christina Hession

Our meeting commenced with reports from the outgoing officers. President Sarah Smith welcomed the new members who joined in 2023/’24. She also paid tribute to members for their contributions to the club in leadership roles and in competitions throughout the year. Outgoing Vice-President of Education, Chris Collins, commended members who achieved educational goals, while Treasurer, Martin Foran, presented a very comprehensive financial report to meeting attendees.

The election of new officers was as follows:

President: Martin Foran
Vice-President of Education: Rob Partridge
Vice-President of Membership: Sarah Smith,
Vice-President of Public Relations: Christina Hession.
Secretary: Elaine Cahill
Treasurer: Bradley Rowles
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rob Partridge

Due to our AGM, we had a shorter than usual meeting. Sarah Smith expertly took the reins as Toastmaster. Martin Foran was the Grammarian and Ah Counter and introduced the word of the night, ‘palpable,’ with a demonstration of its meaning and use. At the end of the meeting, Martin good naturedly pointed out members’ use of crutch words.

There were two prepared speeches. Christina Hession, delivered a speech titled ‘Driven to Distraction’ from the Engaging Humour manual about road rage. Meanwhile, Mary Kilbane, delivered a very thought provoking speech via Zoom titled, ‘Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder.’ These speeches were evaluated by Diane Fitzpatrick and Elaine Cahill respectively, who provided valuable feedback.
Rob Partridge was Topicsmaster and as usual presented us with engaging topics.
Beth Davis-Reinhold was the General Evaluator and delivered a forensic evaluation of the meeting.

Our next meeting takes place in the Loughrea Family & Community Resource Centre, Pigott’s Street, Loughrea, H62 H721, at 8 pm. The meeting theme will be ‘Colours’.