The responsibilities of the grammarian are to introduce new words to members, comment on the language used during the course of the meeting, and to provide examples of good grammar and word usage.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Select a word of the day. Choose a word to help members build their vocabularies and that they can incorporate into everyday conversation.
  • Prepare a brief description of the grammarian’s duties for the benefit of guests.

Upon Arrival at the Meeting

  • Claim your clipboard and dry-wipe signs from the Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Write your word of the day on the dry-wipe signs.
  • Be prepared to take notes as people speak during the meeting. You may wish to use the grammarian’s log provided by your club.

During the Meeting

  • When introduced, announce the word of the day. State the definition, use it in a sentence, and invite everyone speaking during the meeting to use it.
  • Briefly explain the role of the grammarian.
  • Throughout the meeting, listen to each speaker’s word usage. Write any awkward use or misuse of language (such as incomplete sentences or incorrect grammar) with a note of who erred.
  • Create a list of members who used the word of the day (or a form of it) and note those who used it correctly.
  • When called on by the General Evaluator during the evaluation section, you may stand near your chair and give your report. Offer examples of correct usage in every instance in which there was misuse of grammar. Report the use of creative language and announce who used the word of the day (or a form of it) correctly.
  • The grammarian’s responsibilities conclude with the meeting.